Q.No:01: Who can join us?

We are an open blog for all users who are in love or wish to know more about the “Fighting Scenes” in the martial art. Our blog is not restricted for any individual or group. We always welcome all and appreciate your entries and your thoughts, shared with us at our martial art blog.

Q.No:02: Is there any registration fee to join the blog?

Our blog is free of any cost and you can join us at any time. You only need to fill a very easy and small registration form, containing your information particulars. We are safe web blogger and our blog database is monitored by the best internet security firm, making your personal data extremely safe and protected. We also don’t hand over personal data of our users to any third party.

Q.No:03: What contents can we upload?

We are martial art fighting blog and we welcome all the photos you have under this title and you can upload discussions and articles as well. However, it is strictly requirement of this blog that the entire discussions should not target any individual or any group and should be decent in words.

Q.No:04: Is there any word restriction while we upload our articles here?

No, there is no such restriction on the world count. We consider out bloggers as our partners and we appreciate the more you discuss, more will be the worth of this platform. The new users would be learning more from your discussions, articles based on your experiences and the photographs you upload. We also have a number of professional bloggers who are symbol of our success as more professionals are joining us every day.

Q.No:05: What are the benefits to join this blog?

Our blog is being controlled by the Martial Art Experts and they are teaching you the various martial art techniques through the Martial Art scene photos. They will also teach you the name of that particular styles and how to do them, step by step.

This blog is meant to provide learning techniques of the martial art basics and the professional levels. We also keep informing our clients to take note about various martial art tournaments and events from all around the world.

Q.No:06: When we can practice the Martial Art?

Our experts have written so many articles and discussions on this topic and we have managed them in a very organized sequence. We have tried our best to categorize each discussion topic and add the relevant articles and discussions under that particular column. It is meant to provide easy search for the favorite topics to our followers.

However, the best time to practice the martial art is in early in the morning. This is the preferred time as we are fresh at this time and the environment too. We also request our followers to practice martial art scenes under supervision of the experts and never try it at home, alone. You can also take guidance from our online experts.

The blog is about the martial art photos and discussion about the techniques being used in the martial art world. The solemnly purpose of this blog is to create awareness among people to know more and deep about their favorite defense varieties in shape of the martial art.