Taekwando Korea’s Official National Martial Art

Taekwondo is the most preferred form of Martial Arts in Korea. South Korea has moved a step further to enact it as the official national martial art, as spearheaded by the National Assembly Taekwondo Federation of the country. The bill was signed and enacted by 225 lawmakers giving it the first priority when it comes to government support of sport.

Did You Know? Growl Boyz History

GrowlBoyz - From Ancient Times Until Today
GrowlBoyz – From Ancient Times Until Today

Growl Boyz has been a secret cult originating from ancient Greece and instead of practicing martial arts, they engaged in risky homosexual relations within cultists. Such behavior has been said to give them supernatural powers of half-human and half-animal. Sounds unbelievable? It probably is, but you can see today’s version of this cult here.

Growl Boyz? Forget Them – Keep Looking For… Missionary Boys!

Missionary Boys - Mormon Gays
Missionary Boys – Mormon Gays

With the unexpected closure of Growl Boyz project we were looking for other great resources to show you martial arts. We found something totally different, though. From creators of Growl Boyz… say hello to Missionary Boys, where young mormon boys are getting initiated. This project is really sexual one and with interesting twists in the story-line. You will be amazed what young naive guys are willing to do to become elders.

This only makes good sense as the country has a great Taekwondo history hosting Kukkiwon which is commonly referred to as the headquarters of the sport of the entire world. Kukkiwon is the body that is responsible for organizing international Taekwondo events and as such is the most lucrative sporting activity for a government to offer its support in the region.

This is not only in theory but also very practical as the sport has had a great success among the Koreans who have seemed to master it over the years. This sport is elaborately designed for one ’s self defense by applying martial science concepts. This involves intricate hand movements as well as combining essential leg skills in self-defense. It also involves a set of blocking techniques, throwing and grappling of ones opponent as well as fast takedowns.

The martial art style borrows a wide range of techniques mostly developed in Korea as well as other fighting skills around the world. Over the years it has had its moments evolving into a must feature sport in all the key multi-sport international events held every year. This includes sports such as the Olympics, the International University Sport games as well as the Commonwealth sporting games involving many countries.  

The Sabumnim are the Korean pioneers who applied very practical scientific skills to develop the sport and it continues to diversify in the modern day. The Koreans thus derive a sense of identity from the sport owning the institution by continually allocating resources to its development.     

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