Top 10 Movies With Real Martial Arts Fighting

If you are a martial arts enthusiast, taking inspirations from the greatest masters of Kung Fu, Tai Chi or other martial arts will always be resourceful, especially when they are shown through a lucid cinematography. There are many movie-maniacs who would never be bored of such swift and smooth actions on the movies and hence, here are the top ten movies with extraordinary martial arts –

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Enter The Dragon1. Enter The Dragon

Legendary Bruce Lee’s martial arts got a new dimension in this 1973 movie, Enter The Dragon where his martial artist character spies on the reclusive criminal lord by using invitation to his tournament as perfect cover. Listed in National Film Registry, this movie shows his art of karate, judo and kung fu in lethal speed, balletic poise, explosive power and physical grace.


2. IP Man

Wilson Yip’s 2008 movie perfectly accredited the otherwise underrated actor Donnie Yen in playing the somewhat biography of Wing Chun, the legendary grandmaster and trainer of a number of martial arts professionals like Bruce Lee. Opening in 1930’s Forshan, the master is seen combating the Japanese invasion during 1937 while engaging in face-pulverizing and limb-shattering action.


IP Man3. IP Man 2

The sequel to IP Man, this 2010 movie heightened the action sequences while showing IP fleeing from Japanese invasion along with his family and settling to Hong Kong to set up the school to teach the wing chun techniques. IP is challenged by Sammo Hung as rival teacher and also the foreign boxer and his lightening-speed strikes to defeat a goon squad in crowded marketplace is notable.


Drunken Master4. Drunken Master

The Drunken Master directed by Woo-Ping Yuen features the legendary actor Jackie Chan as the character of Wong Fei-Hung who is a righteous yet mischievous person. After a few episodes of his mischievous doing, his father sends him to visit master of the Drunken Martial arts named Beggar So who disciplined him. The story is inspired by Grandmaster Hung’s early years of struggle and Jackie Chan enthralls with some of his signature acrobatics, choreography and humor.


Drunken Master5. Drunken Master 2

In this martial arts movie sequel, Jackie Chan comes as not only an actor but also a director along with Chia-Liang Lu. The story revolves around the young martial art enthusiast who is caught between stopping the group of greedy foreigners from smuggling out precious artifacts and being respectful to his pacifist father. Anita Mui’s hilarious performances are perfectly complemented by Jackie’s extraordinary actions without CGI, Wires and stuntmen.


house of flying daggers6. House Of Flying Daggers

Zhang Yimou, director of Beijing Olympics opening ceremony is famous for this visual treat named House Of The Flying Dragons where action unfolds inside a brothel and is enhanced by the addition of swaying of vibrant silk clothes, Chinese music, drumbeats, dancing and magnificently executed martial arts. Showing the period in Tang Dynasty, the movie shows police officers Leo and Jin looking for Flying Daggers leader, romance blooming between Mei and Jin and some breathtaking combat scene in bamboo forest and snow.


The Assassin7. The Assassin

Hou Hsiao-Hsien blends martial arts with timeless and mysterious story of the 9th century China in the 2015 film, The Assassin. The film gives an insight to Tang dynasty while introducing Nie-Yinniang who was abducted when she was 10 by a nun. Trained in martial arts, Nie returns years later to the city to kill Tian whom she was intended to a child-marriage. Instead of glorifying violence, the film captivated your sense to the words and actions leading to that violence.


 The Final Master8. The Final Master

Directed by Haofeng Xu, The Final Master released in 2016 featured contemplative martial arts as a visual splendor while telling the story of a master of wing chun. Viewers might find resemblance with IP man with him as he sets up a training school in a new city where a student has to pass many challenges with rival schools to keep the martial art form alive. The emotional context of the master’s ailing wife and his all-consuming ambition in keeping the art alive stands perfect in contrast with sharp edged weapon combats.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon9. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ang Lee brought this love story with a twist of kung fu real in a sublime way. After the theft of Green Destiny, Yu Shu Lien (the warrior played by Michelle Yeoh) chases the thief while jumping smoothly across glistening rooftops and finally facing him off in a stupendous combat scene. The fight scenes look straight out of Olympian gymnastics and the incorporation of slow-motion cinematography, Yu stepping on opponent’s feet occasionally, combats on treetops with branches acting as bungee, rungs and catapults make this movie a classic treat.


John Wick10. John Wick

Released in 2014, Keanu Reeves surely took his agility and martial arts skill to a new level from. With Chapter 2 in 2017 and Chapter 3: Parabellum in the middle of 2019, fans still have the fighting scene in Red Circle Club from the first chapter fresh in mind. From Brazilian and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu to Standing Judo and Tactical three-gun –the cocktail of martial and firearm arts were so stylistically filmed that they felt real. Director Stahelski made sure that pistols were incorporated into actual martial arts. Tamoe nages and seoi nages to throw the assailants on floor, uchi mata and kata guruma in the club fight are noteworthy.

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