Authentic Martial Art Scenes and to Write Them

What is Authenticity?

The authenticity is about the photo or the video you are uploading whether it is real or fake. In other meaning, the authenticity asks the source of your uploaded photo or video at your blog. The blog we are talking about the martial art fighting scene or relevant to its various techniques. These more and more users are attracted when you present things in a very creative manner and originality is cared. They are already having access to the internet search engines and can have many photos and videos regarding martial art scenes but if they see your uploading are copies or fake; they will neglect your uploading(s) and unsubscribe your blog registration.

Use of Perfect Grammar and Tenses:

It is very important factor that you use professional English and it is free from any possible grammatical mistakes. The Admin should take care of this fact and it can be controlled and kerala-1639325_1920reduced when there is proper proofread of the post before it is being uploaded. However, the description should be according to the uploaded martial art scene and it should describe the scene in the front.

Use of Evidence of Photo:

To make the uploaded photo original and real, always try to use the evidence whether from where and at what time you took such photo and what is the main thing in that particular uploading that attracted you and you think that it should be conveyed to the other participants /
users in the blog.

Use of Credentials:

There is a dire need that the Admin or the bloggers uploading that particular martial art scene should also discuss who took the photograph and who is in that photograph (performer). It is like an internal motivation for the photographers and they will send you more and more unique photos for your blogs and other uploading(s). office-581131_1920Therefore, the use of credentials is important to enhance popularity of your blog. The bloggers, professional registered at your blog and the participants making your blog interesting and maintained, are the real marketers of your blog as well.

Use of References:

In the last of the article or the discussion topic, you can also put the references, if you have taken the material or the photo scene from any other source of media like the newspaper, blogs, websites, personal chat rooms, magazines, etc.

Use of Importance of that Particular Photo(s):

The Admin and the bloggers should discuss the importance of the martial art scene taken in the particular photo. You can also find it appropriate taking that scene from any martial art based movie. We have plenty of such movies in the Chinese culture. The females are taking active participation in learning the martial art techniques and they count it as their self-defense step.

Whenever, there is any uploading about the particular techniques, the Admin and the bloggers should make it convenient that these are attached in the concerned title / head. The technique “A” should not be uploaded in the heading of technique “B”. This will make users confused.

The blog is about the martial art photos and discussion about the techniques being used in the martial art world. The solemnly purpose of this blog is to create awareness among people to know more and deep about their favorite defense varieties in shape of the martial art.