Fake Driving School: They Did WHAT For A License?

Fake Driving School (fakeinstructor.com) is an up and coming premiere adult site with a specific niche. Following the exploits of a driving instructor and a driving test administrator, audiences are able to see all of the wild and sexy things that happen in the heat of the moment. Want to know more? Read the rest of this review to get all of the information you need to see if this premium website is what you’ve been waiting for.

What’s The Content About?

When you watch videos on this website, you are following the personal lives of both the recurring roles of the driving teacher or test administrator, but also the numerous students that are eager to learn how to drive. For any number of reasons (though it would seem most of them involve the inability to pay for the amount of courses needed to successfully complete driving school), the students are willing to offer up an alternative to traditional payments.

When you are following the test administrator line of videos, you watch students get nervous and fail each time. Then, in a stroke of luck for the would-be legal driver, the sultry administrator is always willing to give them a second chance (or a complete passing grade) with just a little extra credit work inside the car. No matter which type of video you are watching from this site, you are always getting a rather creative look at positioning within a small vehicle for 2 (or even 3) people.

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Meet The Main Stars

While there is a virtual revolving door of students (some having recurring spots through the videos), there are two primary stars for this adult film website. Arguably the main actor, appearing in close to every video put out on the website is Ryan Ryder. This experienced adult film star portrays the devout driving instructor helping many attractive young women to learn how to drive a stick shift and pass their later tests. While he might not always be the calmest of instructors, it would appear that his students are very dedicated to their education.

Once they’ve got through Ryan Ryder’s driving instructions, then they move on to contend with the stern and strict Jasmine Jae. She is the test administrator for getting your license, and she is quick to fail everyone. Of course, she is also pretty quick to forgive and forget for a little bit of dedicated extra credit.

New Content Updated Each Week

While this site doesn’t have hundreds of videos yet, they are working rapidly to push out quality content every single week. Each video shows a different take on a common starting point, which makes it easy to flow from one video into the next if you need to. There are dozens of gorgeous actors and actresses already starring within the videos they currently have released, and with new content coming all the time, you will get your chance to see Ryan Ryder and Jasmine Jae help countless more achieve their dreams at a price.

Check It Out For Yourself

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